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Black Sheep Website-01

Black Sheep Winners

In the true manner of a black sheep we like
to go against the flock and find our own path.
With the launch of our Black Sheep Awards
last September, we were eager to see students
rise to the challenge and put their ‘black sheep
thinking’ into practice. The entries have now
come flocking in and we’ve been highly impressed
with the innovative and unique design solutions
the students have presented; solving the two
briefs in distinctive and unexpected ways.


Last week, the Carter Wong team descended into
judging mode, and assessed the entries based upon
the following judging criteria:

The Big Idea
The concept needs to be bold with longevity in mind.

Maximum Standout
The design needs to stop us in our tracks.

The concept needs to exceed people’s expectations.

The idea needs to have the flexibility to be used
across multiple platforms.

We are looking for exceptional designs that
communicate on a deeper level.

And with the judging now adjourned, it gives us great
pleasure to announce the names of the winning
entries below…

Black Sheep Website-02

Brief no.1: How can the perceptions of estate agents be changed?

People need to rent, buy and sell homes, and estate
agents serve to facilitate this demand. The task of
finding a new home is one that should be filled with
excitement, yet the profession often has a supremely
negative image. Therefore, we asked students to use
design to help change the negative preconceptions
many of us have about estate agents.
The inherent stress involved in buying, selling
and renting houses makes this process a highly
emotive experience; therefore we were looking
for entries that had the psychology behind the
profession in mind.


Black Sheep Awards Overall Winner – Nest by Laura Hiscock

Black Sheep Awards-01

Nest is a new estate agent company designed
to put the trust back into estate management.
The concept is built around the notion that in
order to change the negative perception of estate
agents, the profession needed to be perceived as
more honest. Nest creates a comfortable customer
experience from the outside in by using a striking
and intriguing exterior, contrasted with a cosy,
fresh interior to help people feel at home. Unlike
most other high street estate agents that can be
sterile and un-interesting, Nest seeks to be a place
people want to go into and enjoy spending time in.
In order to help clearly identify the needs of each
consumer in a more personal way, consumers have
been classified into three groups, as follows: 

Buying Dove
Consumers that want to buy a property, such as first
time buyers.

Selling Owl
People who may be wise to the property market
and are looking to sell.

Renting Sparrow
People who rent properties and don’t tend to stay
in one place

This link between house hunting and bird’s nests
invokes feelings of nurturing to combat the dishonest
perception and enables versatility in its application
to multiple mediums.

Black Sheep Awards-02

To accompany the brand design, the entry also
considered how activation might play a part in
changing people’s perceptions of estate agents.
An ad campaign was created using the tagline
‘Why not be honest?’ which aims to engage
the public through its rhetorical nature, and
a characterful website and phone app allows
for a unique, flexible and sociable service.


We felt Laura’s concept was unique in the
way it tapped into a fundamental negative
emotion consumer’s associate with estate
agents- untrustworthiness.

Her solution illustrates the very ‘human’ nature
to buying, selling or renting property, and
approaching the brief from an emotive angle
showed she understood that buying a home
is often a heart felt experience. Laura’s approach
really pushed the brief, and she delivered over
and above what was expected- we only wish that
a service like Nest actually existed!
Black Sheep Awards-03

Category Runner Up – Glasshouse by Sophia Forte & Lily Foster

Black Sheep Awards-09
Glasshouse is another entry that successfully used
the emotive aspect associated with buying, selling
and renting homes to change perceptions by creating
an estate agent’s based on transparency.

The ‘Transparency is key’ tagline is a clever pun
used to communicate the honest, trustworthy
and transparent nature of Glasshouse.

The design was executed across multiple touch
points including a transparent plastic key ring,
a translucent letter to be sent to prospective
clients and a see-through for-sale sign that
enables people to see the property through
the sign- a visual symbol of how Glasshouse
considers trust.

Black Sheep Website-03

Brief no.2: How can crab be made more appealing to the British public?

Seafood has become increasingly important to UK
consumers, with studies suggesting the average
UK adult eats more fish than a generation ago.
One of the British Isles’ biggest fisheries is brown
crab with market share estimated at around 50%.

However, most of this is exported to other European
countries such as France and Spain, and compared
to the UK’s general consumption of seafood, crab
consumption is low.

With this in mind, students were asked to
use design to raise the profile of British brown
crabmeat. We were looking for truly ingenious
design solutions to keep our crab in the UK
and help get this seafood noticed.

Best in Category – Let’s get Cracking by Alia Alkaff & Alice Croft

Black Sheep Awards-04
Let’s Get Cracking is a restaurant that is certainly
‘The Hands on Experience’. Alia and Alice have
created a brand experience that embraces the
physical and messy action associated with eating
crab. The brand engages with consumers, in a
humorous tone of voice that brings excitement
to a food that is not currently at the forefront
of consumer’s minds.

Black Sheep Awards-05

They had also carefully considered all of the
touch points as individual briefs, introducing
innovative ideas across all collateral, rather
than duplicating the logo across everything.
The identity and its various applications
effectively delivered a fun, interactive and
all-encompassing brand experience. Let’s Get
Cracking is certainly one idea with legs!

Category Runner up – Crab Cracker by Jess Sutherland

Black Sheep Awards-06
Crab Cracker is a snappy little promotional campaign
for the first time crab purchaser. The cracker acts
as a physical icebreaker, designed to eradicate the
fear of the unknown from the prospect of cooking
and eating crab. We loved the way the interactive
cards inside the cracker have been used as another
touch point to educate consumers about how to eat
a brown crabmeat. The idea was simple, informed
and well executed.

Black Sheep Awards-07

Merit – Crab Pots by Jon Newman and Sam Dismore

Black Sheep Awards-08
Crab pot takes inspiration from the nickname
given to brown crab as the ‘pie crust crab’. Jon
and Sam used this insight to inform their brand
design by creating an identity for a brand of crab
pies. The packaging aesthetic is reminiscent of
crab pots with biodegradable string being used
to tie the product together, giving the impression
that the crab has actually been captured. Crab Pot
is a fun, conceptual idea that clearly illustrates
where your crab comes from.

Merit – Crabby Sailor by Alistair Millen

Black Sheep Awards-10

Crabby Sailor is a vibrant, visual identity for a new
range of ready meals designed to breathe fresh air
into the washed out crab market. The aim is to help
make crabmeat more accessible to the British public
by positioning the Crabby Sailor as an easy,
on-the-go food service. The characterful logo caught
our imagination and delivers great brand standout
against the colourfully illustrated backgrounds.

This is a modern, considered packaging system that
would certainly catch your eye in a supermarket aisle,
whilst also capturing your imagination.
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