Cornetto Classico
Firstly, approaching the identity, we sought to
"Own the Cone" basing our logo on the iconic
cone shape itself. Beginning with a curvy C for
our crown the typography echoes the product
tapering to a tip, defined by the crossing of the
t’s and underscoring of the C.

Having designed Unilever’s Heartbrand
some 17 years ago it was a thrill to be
recently given the brief to redesign one
of their flagship brands, Cornetto.

Pitching it at a younger teen consumer,
our redesign was the most significant
in its 50 year history, from new identity
to packaging, POS to comprehensive
digital guidelines.


Maximum standout in crowded
freezer cabinets was achieved
by ‘Owning the Cone.’


Our illustrations not only
added a younger personality
to the packs but informed
consumers of improvements,
such as easier opening.

The project involved creating this
bespoke hand-drawn typeface and
quirky cone-themed illustrations
in keeping with the new positioning

We were kept busy designing packaging for
all the ranges across various global platforms.
This included Classics, Enigma and innovative
products aimed at the new younger consumer
such as MixMini, smaller cones in multi-packs
focused on sharing with friends.

Illustration Plane

Exploiting our conical shape
further we used it as a spotlight,
shed upon these mini stars.

Illustration Arrow
Illustration Cupid


Our comprehensive digital
guidelines included every
application for entirely new
Point of Sale.

"Carter Wong always employ
a great deal of craftmanship
and art in what they do which
is at the very heart of Unilever’s
marketing strategy, ‘Crafting
Brands for Life’. With the new
Cornetto logo they have created
something truly magical and
unique. Bravi!!."

Alberto Di Leo

Global Vice President Ice Cream
Cornetto & Kids