The Creation
of Castan

The perfect project for our studio combining traditional craft with modern technology. Seeking to add individualism to our good colleagues howies' website as part of a review, we were given the green light to create a bespoke headline font.

However, no ordinary typeface for them but one designed then carved from a windfallen Welsh chestnut tree before being digitised for use. Which just goes to prove that sometimes 'an ill wind does blow
some good!'

Take a closer look at the careful crafting here


Coffee House

We are always up for a challenge here at Carter Wong and so we got excited at the prospect of tackling the design of Lloyd's Coffee House at One Lime Street. The key was to create a fresh and engaging environment where employees could relax and enjoy their lunchtime while simultaneously acting as an interesting space to bring clients for a coffee.

Using the witty illustration style that we developed for Lloyd's Cover to Cover, we brought
to life a selection of little known food facts from Lloyd's insurance archive. For example, Lloyd's has insured a grain of rice with
a portrait of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh engraved on it, we portrayed this by constructing a giant queens profile using hundreds of grain
of rice.


A Cycling Lexicon

Always looking for opportunities to design and produce self initiated projects our latest offering is a little book featuring an amazing collection of bicycle headbadges entitled "A Cycling Lexicon". Over 400 examples from the collection of Jeff Conner, Professor of Biology 
at Michigan University, represent manufacturers past and present and A to Z. See for yourself, buy online here



Given the opportunity to name and create the packaging for this start up brewery, we decided to play on its thespian background and toyed with the idea of a theatre playbill or ticket. Having happened on Ticketybrew as
a suitable twist on 'everything being OK' the graphic run of four tickets as the label virtually designed itself.

vtti brandbook cwd

Pocket sized DNA

With a fast growing portfolio
of storage tank terminals, VTTI are a business in a hurry. But with that also comes growing pains. Lack of cohesion and inconsistent standards reduces the efficiency of a global company and with their expansion fuelled partly
through acquisition, this
was an issue for VTTI.

When we became aware of this, we instigated a small yet very effective solution. The VTTI
Way is a passport sized book containing the DNA of the company. A personal handbook for every employee in which are defined the purpose, ambition and qualities that underpin VTTI.

To bring these abstract notions to life, examples of how they translate to the day-to-day challenges of chosen individuals are sprinkled throughout the publication. A big idea to unite
a global company that is small enough to fit in a top pocket.

Cafe Art

Café Art

An inventive way of getting homeless, aspiring artists
work in front of collectors and buyers. Hanging their work in participating café's, we took
the concept a stage further
by producing a calendar of
their work to be sold to raise
further funds.


Carter Wong Christmas Card

Almost thirty years of designing our own Christmas card and
it doesn't get any easier.

Fortunately inspiration struck when Phil C spotted the sudden abundance this year of these colourful Christmas tree tags on Portobello fruit and veg market. A fitting graphic solution to finding the correct tree height… and one we'd have been proud of given its simplicity.

Seduced by Art

Seduced by Art

Working closely with Drinkell Dean, who designed the 3D side to this groundbreaking exhibition at The National Gallery, we produced and supplied all the graphic content for the exhibition itself. From private view invitations to the London Underground poster campaign, (not to mention the 146 caption plates) everything was overseen with a meticulous eye for detail, befitting the subject.



Aduna is an Africa-inspired premium lifestyle brand focused on creating innovative products from African natural ingredients with outstanding potential for health and wellbeing. Aduna means ‘life’ or ‘world’ in Wolof, the local language of Senegal and The Gambia. Their mission is to breathe the vitality and vibrancy of Africa into the daily lives of people all around the world, whilst creating a virtuous circle which feeds positive impacts back to the source.


Gunpowder Consulting

Gunpowder Consulting is a startup specialist consultancy providing new business planning and mentoring for SME’s. The company was set up by Lucy Mann, having spent spent over 20 years in agency new business and marketing. As Gunpowder, she helps agencies leverage their existing assets, get clearer visibility of revenue potential and ultimately, take control of the new
business process.

Taking influence from all the imagery thats comes to mind when thinking of 'gunpowder'
we built a strong logo mark that emulates the end of a fuse. This little fuse wire twists and turns itself to form the logo and all the iconography that goes with it, allowing the possibilities for this brand language to be endless. To soften the hard edges that the gunpowder name can evoke we kept the illustrations loose and free adding strong bright colours to give it an extra flare (excuse the pun).


James Hambro Website

The acquisition of wealth planning experts, Calkin Pattinson, by James Hambro
& Partners, who specialise in investments, was the catalist
for the commissioning of a new website to announce their expanded offer. At the heart of our solution is the ampersand that we noticed in the Company name. We used this simple typographic device as a vehicle to convey the holistic approach and services made possible by the merger of these two entities.

A tickover home page features the ampersand and evocative images to illustrate the company’s various attributes. And for the team page, the ampersand was used to pick
out James Hambro from his Partners.


Lloyd's Cover
to Cover

As the title suggests this is
the most important brochure produced by this City institution. The core publication was commissioned to communicate the complex structure of Lloyd's as clearly as possible to its global audience of syndicates, brokers, members and policyholders.

Clever line illustrations help to bring key propositions to life. For example on the left - to illustrate "The progression of Lloyd's into the digital era" we drew a fountain pen. Look closely and you will see the computer mouse inside the image.