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Second edition of Noted notebook launch

Last night saw the launch of the second notebook in our Noted series, which we have produced in collaboration with Boss Print. Entitled ‘A Cut Above’, this new edition features a collection of 1950’s razorblades in all their graphic glory, originally found on a flea-market in Rome back in 1993. It was therefore fitting that the launch was held at the UK home of Italian paper manufacturer, Fedrigoni, whose paper graced the new publication.

An introduction by Fenton Smith, followed by a twenty minute talk by our Creative Director Phil C on the journey taken so far in producing these high quality editions met with an enthusiastic response by the assembled guests, numbering some 80 invitees. And collecting their complimentary copies of the new notebook on the way out saw them going off into the night with one possible early Christmas present already ticked off their list.

Phil Wong to retire

This December, after 31 fulfilling years, I shall be leaving Carter Wong Design, the company I set up with my dear friend Phil Carter. I am pleased to say I leave on good terms, but naturally with some sadness – this company is the all-consuming focus in my life and the challenges and joys it brings have defined most of my working life.

Diminishing powers and changing perspectives that come with age have convinced me it is time to stop. However, the strongest signals have come from witnessing the remarkable development of our people. From our redoubtable MD, Sarah Turner, right the way through the studio, I am humbled by their skills and amazed by their energy. We are at a very special time where there is tremendous synergy in our tight-knit and brilliant team, creating a unit that is far greater than the sum of its parts. These talents deserve the room to grow and I am sure they will step up to fill the vacuum that I leave and go on to define an exciting new era for Carter Wong Design.

Creativity is the currency of our business and I am pleased to say it is ingrained in the fabric of our company. It is the legacy handed down through the generations of wonderful designers we have had the honour and pleasure of working with. Nevertheless, I believe there is no substitute for having at the helm, a director who is as passionate about design today as when we were in college together. I leave confident that the best years are ahead for our remarkable company not least because my indefatigable partner, Phil Carter, is carrying on as its creative director.

Phil Wong – Joint Founding Partner

8 on the 80’s

Eight on the eighties will be a fast paced talk with a new look at some of the great, but perhaps forgotten work, of the 1980s. It was a time of great change when the word ‘design’ was discovered along with computers, the Rubic’s cube, ET and The Smiths.

Phil Carter, our creative director, will be among the eight designers, who are still making great work, who’ll show and talk for eight minutes – no more, no less on why this was the design decade that changed everything.

The talk is on at St Brides Library on 25 June 2015 at 7:00pm. Don’t miss out and get your ticket here.

Wardrobes auction

Howies are a small Welsh clothing company with a big voice. In answer to a POS brief our solution was to collect fourteen abandoned wardrobes and commissioned different artists and illustrators to imagine these as a blank canvas and graphically represent topical issues, such as junk mail, food miles, fish farms, brand power and GM food onto these. The result; a point of sale with a point of view. These one-off pieces of art spent most of their early lives in shops where howies had a presence, but four of them have once again become homeless. These remaining wardrobes will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to support the London homeless charity, Café Art.

So, if you’ve had enough of Scandinavian simplicity, and would rather a wardrobe with a personality click here to find out more.

Black Sheep Winners

In the true manner of a black sheep we like to go against the flock and find our own path. With the launch of our Black Sheep Awards last September, we were eager to see students rise to the challenge and put their ‘black sheep thinking’ into practice. The entries have now come flocking in and we’ve been highly impressed with the innovative and unique design solutions the students have presented; solving the two briefs in distinctive and unexpected ways.

And with the judging now adjourned, it gives us great pleasure to announce the winning entries here.

St Brides Talk

Last week, Phil Carter and Sarah Turner were joined by members of the CWD design team to host a talk at St Brides Library entitled ‘60 Minutes at Number 29’. The talk chronicled the work the studio has produced during its thirty year history; designing for brands both large and small. In-keeping with the studios mantra of ‘Ideas well crafted, ideas that last’, Phil Carter shared the sketches he does everyday to help fuel his creativity, whilst other members of the design team shared the thinking behind the studios most recognisable work, from multinational clients like Cornetto to smaller start-ups like howies.

From all accounts it went down well, if you don’t take our word for it go read this review from Michael at Cog Design

4 Designers

It was an honour to be asked to give one of the four lectures at the ICOGRADA 4 Designers day long seminar last Monday at Logan Hall. Having had such design luminaries as Milton Glaser, Derek Birdsall, Stefan Sagmeister and Bob Gill how could I refuse? The aim of the event is ‘to help students understand the reality of life as a designer through the experiences and work of great designers’….so no pressure there then.

The talk went well, bar a few technical glitches but what made it special for me was the Question and Answer session afterwards. Not your normal apathetic one or two obvious questions but rather, a flow of considered and testing enquiries which made me realise how well versed students are nowadays in the profession of design, or so it seemed to me. Either that or having paid to gain admission they all tried just that little bit harder to gain some extra learnings from their day. It was a pleasure to have been involved. And the impromptu visit of 16 Cardiff students to our studio the following day, who’d attended the event, made me realise just how keen the best students can be to gain that extra insight into a profession like no other.

Carter Wong Presents ‘The Black Sheep Awards’

In the true manner of black sheep we like to go against the flock and find our own path. With the launch of our Black Sheep Awards, we’re looking for students who not only relish a challenge, but are also up for being innovative with their solutions. The award isn’t limited to one discipline either, but is open to exploration and experiment.

Carter Wong 30th Party at 29 Brook Mews North

To celebrate our 30th year in the creative industry last week, the studio was transformed to host a party for clients, friends, and colleagues to say thank you to all who have contributed to the company’s success over the years. The two Phil’s entertained guests with a speech looking back on thirty years in business, and more importantly, thirty years of friendships.

Pause for Thought- Long Live Print

We were honored to have master printer, Francis Atterbury, host a talk on the craft of printmaking, chronicling his many years’ experience producing some of the most artisanal books in the world.

Viewers were delighted to be shown some of the many books Francis has produced over the years- each with a different story to tell.

All attendees departed feeling they had been let into a little part of printing history!

Pause for Thought Presents Photographer Johnny Millar.

We were thrilled to have esteemed photographer Johnny Millar host a talk on the craft of photography.

In the age that we live in, where anyone can feel like a photographer due to the emergence of camera phones and other technologies, Johnny expounded the craftsmanship involved in real photography.

He told of the technical precision required to measure exposure, shutter speed, aperture and the like, as well as the people skills needed to make subjects feel at ease.

With subjects as varied as the terrains he photographs, we’re sure Mr Millar’s photography is one craft that will last the test of time.

Pause for Thought Presents Ade from howies.

The first in our series of talks on the craft of making was an inspirational affair with Ade from howies divulging how the company’s values have remained the same, from its conception in a shed in North Wales, to where it stands today.

Attendees learnt about howies’ belief in the integrity of making garments that are ethical, organic and high performing through sourcing the best suppliers and partners. And with chainsaw in tow, Ade told of our collaboration to create their house font, Castan.

A great story behind a pioneering company ensured it was a rousing night for all involved.

Bike Art Exhibition

Last night we turned transformed our studio for the launch of A Cycling Lexicon, our new book showcasing bicycle headbadges. Great to see so many friends old and new, surrounded by our not insignificant collection of cycling ephemera. If you are as obsessed with bike badges as we are you can buy the book here.

CWD has a new Managing Director

It is with great pleasure that 
we announce the appointment 
of Sarah Turner as our
 Managing Director.

Sarah takes over the role that
 I have fulfilled ever since Phil Carter and I started Carter Wong Design in 1984 and I am confident she will bring new thinking and energy to the post.

Sarah has been with the company for 13 years and has over this time progressed, to now be our MD. Although she 
is steeped in the personality and culture of Carter Wong, she has always had her own distinct ideas about how best to serve our clients, nurture our talent and develop our business.

Phil Carter and I look forward to working with her in this exciting new era for the company.

Phil Wong
 Founding Partner, CWD

Lloyd’s of London Creative Workshop

A thoroughly enjoyable and fruitful afternoon creative workshop with our good friends at Lloyd’s of London, discussing the role and indeed benefits of creativity in commissioning design.

Following a set brief (so 
brief in fact, it had to be cracked in 30 minutes) the highlight of the session was getting our old RCA friend, artist Aldous Eveleigh mentoring the team as they drew the view from the 11th floor meeting room of their magnificent building.

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