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IKAWA go big and bold with their new innovative home roasting coffee kit

If you think green coffee home roasting is only for diehard coffee uber-connoisseur, well think again. IKAWA are at the helm of making this new category more readily accessible and challenged us to create their product packaging. Like with all emerging categories the visual codes are yet to be defined, therefore there are no constraints to be like any other kitchen appliance.

IKAWA have a wonderfully simple, visually striking product so we needed a solution that oozed minimalism. We identified that IKAWA would gain the biggest advantage if they focused their efforts on building brand visibility, as this would be the foundations of making their name synonymous with the category.

Our solution used the simplicity of IKAWA’s powerful red logo and went super-scale, wrapping it round their pack, making it feel fun, premium and memorable.

Ales of Scilly

This one-man brewing enterprise is the brainchild of Mark Praegar, a former teacher, who now spends his time educating real ale enthusiasts about the art of crafting truly authentic, naturally brewed beers.

Ales of Scilly has the intriguing accolade of being home to one of the most hazardous coastlines for shipping in the world and so, taking inspiration from the ships that have foundered on Scilly’s notorious rocks, an identity rooted in the nautical history of the island was born.

Working in collaboration with Mark, we uncovered captivating naval tales and based our new beer names on shipwrecks from the exhaustive litany of hapless vessels that have sunk off these isles.

See the full case study here

Cornetto: A taste of summer

Since the rebrand in 2012, we have relished our role as Cornetto’s brand guardians, helping the brand to launch many of it’s most innovative NPD’s. This year, ‘Peanut Butter Love’ and ‘Cookies ‘N’ Dream’ have been two of Cornetto’s most exciting new products, designed to shake-up the ice cream category with the ultimate snacking experience.

Our packaging designs use a combination of fun, youthful illustrations together with ingredient photography to deliver an appetising product that’s synonymous with the brands “Teen Love” positioning. The products are an exciting move for Cornetto, as the brand delves further into snacking territory, providing consumers with delicious ice cream products inspired by their favourite confectionary brands.

Head to your local newsagent or supermarket for a delicious taste of summer while it lasts!

Driving Atlantika forward

Having worked with Atlantika, one of the world’s largest deep sea fishing companies for the past four years, we were recently given a new design challenge that ended with an unusual twist. As Sturri Haraldsson at Atlantika best explains…

“The distinctive fish pattern graphic Carter Wong created for our industrial fish boxes has become a big part of our identity and is something that our customers, espcially in the fish and chips industry, have come to recognise as ours. If you go into one of the enormous cold stores our product really stands out, it almost shouts at you! Therefore we wanted to expand on this.

The heartland of the UK fish industry can be found on Humberside where the trucks that deliver our fish are stationed. We thought it would be interesting to livery one of the trailers that delivers our fish nationwide with our prominent fish graphic, as it was a quirky and memorable way to create awareness of our product and, of course, our brand. The trailer is also constantly on the road and therefore gets noticed throughout the UK- an effective way to fly our flag, and a reminder that we are a leading supplier of fresh Frozen at Sea cod and haddock”

What we hadn’t quite accounted for however, was the kinetically visual shoal effect with the lorry in motion- something we’d call a ‘happy accident’ in graphic terms. But, in its own way, it transforms an already distinctive design into one most definitely fit for purpose.

Awash Wines

This project owes its genesis to Bob Geldof who founded private equity firm 8 Miles according to the belief that with the right type of investment, African businesses can compete on a global stage.

Established in 1956, Awash wines is Ethiopia’s longest established wine maker, and was one of the funds first acquisitions. Ethiopia has a tradition of wine making that stretches to the reign of the Queen of Sheba and beyond. Tasked to create an identity and website aimed at the investor community, we let the evocative imagery captured on location in a three day shoot, dominate the website.

A logo depicting a vine weaving through the company’s initials tops the scrolling page. We also created a special ‘people’ section to highlight the improvement to staff morale that has taken place since privatisation – particularly significant to the institutional investors of 8 Miles who are committed to African advancement. The current range of wines is for local consumption only and this is reflected in their colourful descriptions.

See the case study here


Nomadic are makers of matured yogurts, drinks and deserts, inspired by traditional ethnic recipes for more interesting textures, tales and flavours. We were asked to create a new identity for the brand that would help achieve its aim of creating a new fixture in the yogurt category. A unique iconographic style has been introduced to convey the different continents, cultures and journeys relating to each product and ensures the packaging now exudes the spirited nature of the brand. Nomadic is now firmly positioned as a niche dairy offering with big brand attitude, ready to take on the yogurt category with something a little different.

See the full case study here.

Johnny Millar

Johnny Millar is an esteemed photographer who has photographed some of the most recognisable and influential people in the world. As a visual communicator, he needed a dynamic website that could communicate his expertise and highlight the unique craftsmanship behind each photograph. The new website exhibits his greatest work spanning categories such as portraits, life, travel and office photography with each picture displayed to full effect. The result is a website that enables easy navigation, and lets the work truly speak for itself.

See it here.

Cornetto Miniature

Working with our longstanding client, Cornetto, we have created the packaging design for their newest miniature snacking innovation. Our design has been implemented onto a re-sealable bag with a transparent product window, and is perfect for teen sharing opportunities. We’re sure these packs of bite-sized ice-cream deliciousness will fly off the shelves!

Carter Wong Presents ‘The Black Sheep Awards’

In the true manner of black sheep we like to go against the flock and find our own path. With the launch of our Black Sheep Awards, we’re looking for students who not only relish a challenge, but are also up for being innovative with their solutions. The award isn’t limited to one discipline either, but is open to exploration and experiment.

Dictators’ Dinners

A strange topic we know, but it does make interesting and intriguing reading.

Carter Wong recently collaborated with Gilgamesh Publishing on the design and layout of a book focusing on 20th Century Dictators and their favourite foods.

The inspiration for the publication design came from early 30 and 40’s propaganda posters, which we followed through into bespoke chapter headings for each continent and featuring icons relating to the personality traits of each dictator.

Café Art 2015 My London Calendar

As a design agency that believes in the power of the arts to deliver real and lasting social change, Carter Wong has been a dedicated partner and advocate for Café Art over the years. By equipping each participant with a camera, Café Art enables people affected by homelessness to capture their unique perspectives on London. The 2015 My London calendar displays photographs as rich as the stories behind them, with proceeds going back to support the project.

To order your copy, please click here.


Set up as a joint venture between our studio and master printers, Boss Print, the idea is to design and create an ongoing series of crafted, beautiful notebooks. Each will have a graphic ephemeral theme, this first example being ‘Found Fonts’ with others planned on other visually eclectic subjects from Roman razor blade wrappers to Heidelberg tram tickets.

To purchase a copy click here.

Aduna Moringa

After creating the original packaging for African health brand Aduna, we were delighted when asked to design the next product in their range, the Moringa superfood. Famed ‘The Miracle Tree’, Moringa is a 100% organic natural superfood high in antioxidants and one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Taking inspiration from the Moringa leaf itself, the packaging design is a vibrant patterned feast for the eyes.


We were tasked to create a new identity and logo for this pioneering London-centric festival, specifically designed for the creative industry. A winding graphic line represents the sinuous journey of a simple creative thought, which is rarely a straight line! Combined with a dynamic colour range to ensure the brand is full of life and as visually arresting as the square mile it represents. The SohoCreate identity captures the vibrancy and energy of the creative offering within the Soho vicinity.

J O Hambro Capital Management

Our expertise in the financial sector leant itself to create a strategic and creative new website identity for financial firm, J O Hambro Capital Management Group. We ensured the new identity was robust, contemporary, eye-catching and representative of the JOHCM brand for its target demographic of private and institutional investors, and retail advisors. The result is a comprehensive website that meets the needs of JOHCM and its affiliates, using strong illustrative graphics to communicate some of the more complex subject material.

Ocean Trawlers Packaging

As a company that relishes working across many diverse graphic design disciplines, it’s always a treat to be approached by a totally new business sector.
Ocean Trawlers came to us requesting a brand refresh and new website, and we ended up creating their new packaging and exhibition stand.
The packaging uses graphic prints and fish species overlaid onto one another to showcase the range of fish that Ocean Trawlers provides on a B2B basis.


The Creation 
of Castan. The perfect project for our studio combining traditional craft with modern technology. Seeking to add soul into our good colleagues howies’ website as part of a review, we were given the green light to create a bespoke headline font.

However, no ordinary typeface but one designed then carved from a windfallen Welsh chestnut tree before being digitised for use.

Take a closer look at the careful crafting here.

A Cycling Lexicon

The Creation 
of Always looking for opportunities to design and produce self initiated projects our latest offering is a little book featuring an amazing collection of bicycle headbadges entitled “A Cycling Lexicon”. Over 400 examples from the collection of Jeff Conner, Professor of Biology at Michigan University, represent manufacturers past and present and A to Z. See for yourself, buy online here

Lloyd’s Coffee House

As one of our long-standing clients, we were excited to be given the opportunity to design the interiors for Lloyd’s Coffee House at One Lime Street. Our brief was to create a fresh and inviting environment where employees could relax and enjoy their lunchtime, whilst also acting as a space for client meetings.

Using the illustration style developed for Lloyd’s Cover to Cover brochure, we created an engaging and colourful space showcasing a selection of little known food facts from Lloyd’s insurance archive.

The National Gallery Exhibition

Briefed by The National Gallery to create the visual identity and graphics for a ground-breaking exhibition ‘Seduced by Art’, 
we worked closely with the exhibition designers, Drinkall Dean.

With such a rich diversity of visual material on show we
 felt it was imperative that our graphic input was quietly understated. Consequently subtle graphic touches such
 as the use of photographic 
crop marks on text panels
 added interest without
 detracting from the exhibits.

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