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After 23 years on the podium

The unveiling of a new brand identity at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend marks a new dawn for Formula 1, as the logo we designed 23 years ago changed for a new generation. After more than two decades in pole position, the F1 logo has been a brilliant project to be associated with and will always remain a part of our history. It’s something that we’re very proud to have been a part of and are made prouder still by the outpouring of passion and support from the design community and F1 fans following the announcement this weekend. Whilst we’re sad to see our much-loved logo go, we understand that every brand mark has a shelf life and more than two decades at the top is something we’re honoured to have achieved. We are in the business of rebranding, and without the willingness to do so, we’d all be out of work. We wish the rebrand well and look forward to seeing how it rolls out across the different F1 platforms.

Carter Wong transforms brand identities for global B2B fisheries firm Norebo

Fisheries group Norebo has unveiled new identities for two of its sub-brands, with design by multi-disciplinary studio Carter Wong. Carter Wong has delivered an end-to-end project, encompassing initial strategy and naming, fresh branding and a new look and feel for the Atlantika and Ocean Trawlers brands. Following the evolution of operations within Atlantika, Carter Wong introduced a new brand name and identity as Glacialis. The new brand now reflects the fact that harvesting extends into fishing grounds in both the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans. Providing, sustainable wild-fresh frozen at sea fish fillets to chefs, restaurants and fish and chip shops, Glacialis engages directly with the end customers. To ensure that this new identity captured the quality of the product and not only the harvesting process, Carter Wong worked with typographer Rob Clarke to help craft the main brand mark. This was supported by additional illustrations by James Lewis and enhanced use of food photography, resulting in an authentic visual identity that captures the freshness and quality of the fish. Carter Wong carried out the entire rebrand and accompanying messaging for both Atlantika and Ocean Trawlers across physical and digital channels, designing all branded elements – covering strategy, naming, messaging, logo, as well as the physical packaging, stationery, websites and video content.

Back to tradition for the design of the 2017/18 English Heritage Handbook cover

Our brief was to create the cover for the English Heritage Members’ Handbook for 2017/18. The solution needed to be iconic, and inspire and appeal to English Heritage’s Member community without alienating a wider audience. Most importantly, it needed to deliver their brand promise of ‘Step Into England’s Story’. Having chosen Deal Castle in Kent as the property English Heritage would represent, we felt we needed to unlock the whole area’s history by developing a concept that worked on two levels, one being a key with a handle that was the unusual shape of Deal Castle and two, a map of the surrounding area that depicted interesting historical facts and tales. The key gave our design immediate iconic visibility and the map with all its stories gave the design a rich and interesting layer of discovery, in turn building a stronger bond with English Heritage and the Handbook’s users. Rather than ‘fake it’ by creating a linocut style illustration, we felt we needed to create our own piece of history by commissioning renowned printmaker Hugh Ribbans to craft and painstakingly cut the piece. The final printed design uses the map texturally on both the front and back of the handbook, it has a smooth soft touch finish and the key pops off the page with a high gloss varnish. The design has also been adapted across Membership cards and bookmarks.

New website for Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe

Swan Bar & Restaurant is part of the Shakespeare’s Globe, on the Southbank overlooking the River Thames. The team asked us to create a website that was both more focused on food and easier for users to understand the range of dining and event options available. With an ambition to improve the number of direct website bookings, we updated the navigation to reduce the amount of clicks from the homepage to the bookings page. By focusing on using imagery of food and the restaurant environment we created a sense of excitement and anticipation. We also restructured their website so the product sections were easier to navigate between, making it easier to digest what was available.

IKAWA go big and bold with their new innovative home roasting coffee kit

If you think green coffee home roasting is only for diehard coffee uber-connoisseur, well think again. IKAWA are at the helm of making this new category more readily accessible and challenged us to create their product packaging. Like with all emerging categories the visual codes are yet to be defined, therefore there are no constraints to be like any other kitchen appliance. IKAWA have a wonderfully simple, visually striking product so we needed a solution that oozed minimalism. We identified that IKAWA would gain the biggest advantage if they focused their efforts on building brand visibility, as this would be the foundations of making their name synonymous with the category. Our solution used the simplicity of IKAWA’s powerful red logo and went super-scale, wrapping it round their pack, making it feel fun, premium and memorable.

Introducing Norebo

We are proud to announce the creation of a new brand identity for Ocean Trawlers’ parent company Norebo (previously known as Karat group). This is the first time we have been asked to design for the parent company, following our continued 6 year relationship with both Ocean Trawlers and Atlantika.


Carter wong are pleased to announce that we are now working with the lovely people at IKAWA. Helping them on a range of projects, from their new website to packaging – relating to their innovative Coffee Bean Roasting Machines. Watch this space for more news on launch dates!

Hello Soho!

They say ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and what better way to start our exciting future than with a brand new home. On Monday 10th October we will be moving into a beautiful studio smack bang in the creative heart of Soho. Please note our new address as: Unit 5/6, Archer Street Studios, 10-11 Archer Street, London, W1D 7AZ

Black Sheep 2016 Winner Announced

Firstly, we would like to thank all those talented students who took the time to participate in our awards for this year. It’s heartening to see the effort you all put in this year, and we were very happy with the standard of entires. 

However, a winner must be found. We have two runners up this year, whose work we considered answered the brief very well and produced some great ideas.

The first of those runners up was : JUNGLE by Calum Reader/NUA

We felt this core idea of relating the shapes and zones created in a map to animals, expressed in some great thinking. The concept had legs (quite literally) and was well articulated throughout.

The second of the runners up was: ALF by Jordan Mann/NUA

Again, a strong core idea and executed very well. The addition of that added personnel service within a courier service using the Butler analogy felt right for the brief and very premium

We are therefore happy to announce that this years winner of The Black Sheep student award is: B-Line by Stephen Brown

We felt the thinking to be the strongest of all those shown, and this coupled with a strong visual identity won us over. The core thought behind the entry was the establishment of ‘Hives’ as smaller drop off centers for packages, which allowed consumers to access at a time and place that suited them for collection, via a coded app was excellent. Thus solving the age old problem of how to collect packages when we all have busy lives. Perhaps ‘busy as bees’. Well done Stephen and we will be in touch soon to present the award and arrange your placement.

Thanks again to you all for your efforts and without participants we wouldn’t have an award to give. Read More

Bruno Maag

The enigmatic and ever enthusiastic Bruno Maag kindly visited the studio to give a talk on his latest work the other evening. Wonderful work and great to hear a designer who is still so passionate about the work they create and the positive end results of all that hard work. Read More

Keeping Sketchbooks

Thursday sees the launch of a new book by Martin Ursell entitled ‘Keeping Sketchbooks’ at the ‘House of Illustration’ in Kings Cross. Phil Carter is one of the nineteen contributors and will be one of the three guest speakers at the event, unfortunately sold out two weeks ago. It seems that the art of drawing and the printed book aren’t quite dead yet! Read More

Pause for thought; our latest studio talk.

Our series of talks for 2016 kicked off with an insightful look into the world of the infamous folding bicycle, Brompton, given by its genius designer Andrew Ritchie. With a genuinely heartfelt 80 minute white knuckle ride, Andrew shared the highs and lows of engineering a revolutionary design and then getting it to market. Delivered with a genuine passion for his subject and a perfect combination of wit and boyish enthusiasm, he had everybody believing in ‘two wheels good’ (preferably folded) by the end of the evening. And what better endorsement for the brand than the site of him leaving the studio long after the last question asked upon his well worn Brompton, goody bag in pannier? Read More

dba launch

Atlantika Wins Gold at DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2016

We’re very proud to announce we’ve won a Gold in the 2016 DBA Design Effectiveness Awards for the creation of the Atlantika brand.

In 2011, one of the worlds largest deep-sea fishing companies, Ocean Trawlers, saw an opportunity to promote the premium division of their ‘Frozen at sea’ Cod and Haddock business by creating a distinctive brand identity named Atlantika. Our objectives were to create a brand that would add value to a range of premium products, so as to deliver sustainable growth and increase market share. These targest were comfortably met with an increase in global sales of 277% and increase in market share of 109%.

This offers compelling proof as to why design is a sound commercial investment, which makes winning gold a huge honour for both us and client alike.

Atlantika’s Vice President of Sales, Sturri Haraldsson kindly summed up by saying, “It’s been an inspiration to work with Carter Wong design, they have widened our horizons.” And we’d like to thank them in return for granting us the opportunity to create a brand that is distinctive, unique and successful both as a design and a business. See the case study here. Read More

World champion, world class

What with all the media attention given over to Lewis Hamilton equalling Ayrton Senna’s three World Championships this weekend, it proved a rare opportunity to see both the logos we’ve created for the Formula 1 World Championship over the last thirty years.

Our inaugural identity in 1986 was a play on the three initials of the governing body, the FIA. 1994 saw a switch in strategic thinking when it was decided that the mark should be promoting F1 as a brand instead, and a logo that still graces the rostrum some 21 years later was born. However, we still think both work equally effectively as they were based around a creative idea, central to each organisation. As the great Paul Rand once said, ‘Good design doesn’t date. Bad design does.’

Hamilton, who now has forty three career victories compared to Senna’s forty one, said: “It is a very humbling experience to equal Ayrton Senna who inspired me and still does today.”

Similarly, we still get that same humbling feeling whenever we see the logo we created here in our small studio in W2 broadcast to millions around the globe.
Read More

Second edition of Noted notebook launch

Last night saw the launch of the second notebook in our Noted series, which we have produced in collaboration with Boss Print. Entitled ‘A Cut Above’, this new edition features a collection of 1950’s razorblades in all their graphic glory, originally found on a flea-market in Rome back in 1993. It was therefore fitting that the launch was held at the UK home of Italian paper manufacturer, Fedrigoni, whose paper graced the new publication.

An introduction by Fenton Smith, followed by a twenty minute talk by our Creative Director Phil C on the journey taken so far in producing these high quality editions met with an enthusiastic response by the assembled guests, numbering some 80 invitees. And collecting their complimentary copies of the new notebook on the way out saw them going off into the night with one possible early Christmas present already ticked off their list.
Read More

howies tree prints

A few years ago our longstanding client, howies, presented us with the perfect opportunity to craft a custom-made typeface inspired by the native Welsh landscape. Using the wood from a local wind-fallen chestnut tree, each letter has a distinctive wood grain effect, providing the brand with a uniquely ownable font.

We recently put our wood craftsman skills to use again on a packaging project for the brand, and the printing process behind this inspired us to create beautiful one-of-a-kind black and white tree prints, which you can now find for sale here. Read More

Ales of Scilly

This one-man brewing enterprise is the brainchild of Mark Praegar, a former teacher, who now spends his time educating real ale enthusiasts about the art of crafting truly authentic, naturally brewed beers.

Ales of Scilly has the intriguing accolade of being home to one of the most hazardous coastlines for shipping in the world and so, taking inspiration from the ships that have foundered on Scilly’s notorious rocks, an identity rooted in the nautical history of the island was born.

Working in collaboration with Mark, we uncovered captivating naval tales and based our new beer names on shipwrecks from the exhaustive litany of hapless vessels that have sunk off these isles.

See the full case study here Read More

Cornetto: A taste of summer

Since the rebrand in 2012, we have relished our role as Cornetto’s brand guardians, helping the brand to launch many of it’s most innovative NPD’s. This year, ‘Peanut Butter Love’ and ‘Cookies ‘N’ Dream’ have been two of Cornetto’s most exciting new products, designed to shake-up the ice cream category with the ultimate snacking experience.

Our packaging designs use a combination of fun, youthful illustrations together with ingredient photography to deliver an appetising product that’s synonymous with the brands “Teen Love” positioning. The products are an exciting move for Cornetto, as the brand delves further into snacking territory, providing consumers with delicious ice cream products inspired by their favourite confectionary brands.

Head to your local newsagent or supermarket for a delicious taste of summer while it lasts! Read More

Sign of the times

It’s your last chance to purchase one of the road signs NB Studios commissioned to warn motorists of elderly folk crossing the road.

The current design was felt to be slightly patronising, so NB Studio enlisted the help of the great and the good in graphic design to create 100 new designs, culminating in an exhibition last Thursday at the Protein Gallery, Shoreditch. Amongst the group is a contribution by our Creative Director, Phil Carter, who designed sign number 80.

Should you wish to bid on our design or any of the other one-off signs, all of the donations are going to a very apt and good cause- Age UK. Click here to start bidding. Read More

‘A Cycling Lexicon’ is shortlisted for a British Book Design & Production Award

We were chuffed to hear our book ‘A Cycling Lexicon’ has been shortlisted in the ‘Self Published Books’ category for the 2015 British Book Design & Production Awards.

‘A Cycling Lexion’ is an A-Z of bicycle head-badges collected by a professor of Biology in Michigan, and curated and designed by us.

We’re a studio filed with passionate cyclists, so this book is very much a labour of love containing cycling badges from far flung corners of the world. Each badge is an insight in what can be achieved in terms of economy of space, typography and intricate detailing and we’re pleased our book celebrating design excellence like this has been recognised for such a prestigious award. Read More

See London through the eyes of the homeless

Every year, Café Art gives 100 single-use cameras to the homeless to document their experience of London; culminating in photographs that are as rich as the stories they tell. Cafe Art is distinctive in its positive, creative approach to the issue of homelessness, and we feel privileged to be able to design the calendar each year.

This year, in order to print and distribute the calendar to reach a wider demographic, Café Art has created a kickstarter campaign which has already captured swathes of the public’s attention with publications such as Time Out London, Huffington Post, Metro and The Independent all running features on it. Proceeds from the calendar will go towards the production of the calendar and back to the charity to help sustain its efforts in supporting the homeless through art.

To purchase this years My London calendar for a truly unique view of London, take a look at the Kickstarter campaign here. Read More

Driving Atlantika forward

Having worked with Atlantika, one of the world’s largest deep sea fishing companies for the past four years, we were recently given a new design challenge that ended with an unusual twist. As Sturri Haraldsson at Atlantika best explains…

“The distinctive fish pattern graphic Carter Wong created for our industrial fish boxes has become a big part of our identity and is something that our customers, espcially in the fish and chips industry, have come to recognise as ours. If you go into one of the enormous cold stores our product really stands out, it almost shouts at you! Therefore we wanted to expand on this.

The heartland of the UK fish industry can be found on Humberside where the trucks that deliver our fish are stationed. We thought it would be interesting to livery one of the trailers that delivers our fish nationwide with our prominent fish graphic, as it was a quirky and memorable way to create awareness of our product and, of course, our brand. The trailer is also constantly on the road and therefore gets noticed throughout the UK- an effective way to fly our flag, and a reminder that we are a leading supplier of fresh Frozen at Sea cod and haddock”

What we hadn’t quite accounted for however, was the kinetically visual shoal effect with the lorry in motion- something we’d call a ‘happy accident’ in graphic terms. But, in its own way, it transforms an already distinctive design into one most definitely fit for purpose. Read More

Awash Wines

This project owes its genesis to Bob Geldof who founded private equity firm 8 Miles according to the belief that with the right type of investment, African businesses can compete on a global stage.

Established in 1956, Awash wines is Ethiopia’s longest established wine maker, and was one of the funds first acquisitions. Ethiopia has a tradition of wine making that stretches to the reign of the Queen of Sheba and beyond. Tasked to create an identity and website aimed at the investor community, we let the evocative imagery captured on location in a three day shoot, dominate the website.

A logo depicting a vine weaving through the company’s initials tops the scrolling page. We also created a special ‘people’ section to highlight the improvement to staff morale that has taken place since privatisation – particularly significant to the institutional investors of 8 Miles who are committed to African advancement. The current range of wines is for local consumption only and this is reflected in their colourful descriptions.

See the case study here Read More

Phil Wong to retire

This December, after 31 fulfilling years, I shall be leaving Carter Wong Design, the company I set up with my dear friend Phil Carter. I am pleased to say I leave on good terms, but naturally with some sadness – this company is the all-consuming focus in my life and the challenges and joys it brings have defined most of my working life.

Diminishing powers and changing perspectives that come with age have convinced me it is time to stop. However, the strongest signals have come from witnessing the remarkable development of our people. From our redoubtable MD, Sarah Turner, right the way through the studio, I am humbled by their skills and amazed by their energy. We are at a very special time where there is tremendous synergy in our tight-knit and brilliant team, creating a unit that is far greater than the sum of its parts. These talents deserve the room to grow and I am sure they will step up to fill the vacuum that I leave and go on to define an exciting new era for Carter Wong Design.

Creativity is the currency of our business and I am pleased to say it is ingrained in the fabric of our company. It is the legacy handed down through the generations of wonderful designers we have had the honour and pleasure of working with. Nevertheless, I believe there is no substitute for having at the helm, a director who is as passionate about design today as when we were in college together. I leave confident that the best years are ahead for our remarkable company not least because my indefatigable partner, Phil Carter, is carrying on as its creative director.

Phil Wong – Joint Founding Partner Read More

English Heritage

English Heritage have chosen us as part of their new design roster set to run until 2018.

Following a countrywide pitch, some 300 plus agencies keen to work with English Heritage were subjected to a rigorous selection process. Once applicants had submitted their design credentials, the shortlisted companies were tasked to come up with a creative response to a hypothetical brief, of which only five agencies were selected to present their work. We are chuffed to be the only London-based agency to be selected for the final roster of only three- joining the likes of Smith and Milton (Bristol) and Mytton Williams (Bath).

As a multidisciplinary design studio with many years’ experience designing for brands both large and small, our expertise is tailor made for a company such as English Heritage, and we look forward to working with the English Heritage team on the many varied projects to come. Read More

8 on the 80’s

Eight on the eighties will be a fast paced talk with a new look at some of the great, but perhaps forgotten work, of the 1980s. It was a time of great change when the word ‘design’ was discovered along with computers, the Rubic’s cube, ET and The Smiths.

Phil Carter, our creative director, will be among the eight designers, who are still making great work, who’ll show and talk for eight minutes – no more, no less on why this was the design decade that changed everything.

The talk is on at St Brides Library on 25 June 2015 at 7:00pm. Don’t miss out and get your ticket here. Read More

Wardrobes auction

Howies are a small Welsh clothing company with a big voice. In answer to a POS brief our solution was to collect fourteen abandoned wardrobes and commissioned different artists and illustrators to imagine these as a blank canvas and graphically represent topical issues, such as junk mail, food miles, fish farms, brand power and GM food onto these. The result; a point of sale with a point of view. These one-off pieces of art spent most of their early lives in shops where howies had a presence, but four of them have once again become homeless. These remaining wardrobes will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to support the London homeless charity, Café Art.

So, if you’ve had enough of Scandinavian simplicity, and would rather a wardrobe with a personality click here to find out more. Read More

Black Sheep Winners

In the true manner of a black sheep we like to go against the flock and find our own path. With the launch of our Black Sheep Awards last September, we were eager to see students rise to the challenge and put their ‘black sheep thinking’ into practice. The entries have now come flocking in and we’ve been highly impressed with the innovative and unique design solutions the students have presented; solving the two briefs in distinctive and unexpected ways.

And with the judging now adjourned, it gives us great pleasure to announce the winning entries here. Read More

Castan Commended in The Drum Design Awards

The Drum Design Awards last week proved a great opportunity to catch up with our peers in the design industry- and throw some weird and wonderful shapes on the dance floor while we were at it! To top of an excellent night, it was great to hear we had been commended for the hand-carved typeface we created for Welsh sportswear brand, howies. Read More

St Brides Talk

Last week, Phil Carter and Sarah Turner were joined by members of the CWD design team to host a talk at St Brides Library entitled ‘60 Minutes at Number 29’. The talk chronicled the work the studio has produced during its thirty year history; designing for brands both large and small. In-keeping with the studios mantra of ‘Ideas well crafted, ideas that last’, Phil Carter shared the sketches he does everyday to help fuel his creativity, whilst other members of the design team shared the thinking behind the studios most recognisable work, from multinational clients like Cornetto to smaller start-ups like howies.

From all accounts it went down well, if you don’t take our word for it go read this review from Michael at Cog Design Read More


Nomadic are makers of matured yogurts, drinks and deserts, inspired by traditional ethnic recipes for more interesting textures, tales and flavours. We were asked to create a new identity for the brand that would help achieve its aim of creating a new fixture in the yogurt category. A unique iconographic style has been introduced to convey the different continents, cultures and journeys relating to each product and ensures the packaging now exudes the spirited nature of the brand. Nomadic is now firmly positioned as a niche dairy offering with big brand attitude, ready to take on the yogurt category with something a little different.

See the full case study here. Read More

Johnny Millar

Johnny Millar is an esteemed photographer who has photographed some of the most recognisable and influential people in the world. As a visual communicator, he needed a dynamic website that could communicate his expertise and highlight the unique craftsmanship behind each photograph. The new website exhibits his greatest work spanning categories such as portraits, life, travel and office photography with each picture displayed to full effect. The result is a website that enables easy navigation, and lets the work truly speak for itself.

See it here. Read More

Design Census 2015

The Drum Design Census is an annual report that ranks agencies according to financial performance, client satisfaction and peer recommendation. We were pleased to hear we’d been listed as one of the top 10 agencies that performed well across all three tables, achieving elite agency status.

To view the census, visit Read More

Cornetto Miniature

Working with our longstanding client, Cornetto, we have created the packaging design for their newest miniature snacking innovation. Our design has been implemented onto a re-sealable bag with a transparent product window, and is perfect for teen sharing opportunities. We’re sure these packs of bite-sized ice-cream deliciousness will fly off the shelves! Read More

Shortlisted for the Drum

Our Castan typeface for outdoor lifestyle brand, howies, has been shortlisted for The Drum Design Awards! As an agency that prides itself on ‘Crafting Brands for Life’, we created a uniquely tailored typeface for howies that encompasses the brand’s philosophy in an ownable way. It’s such a reward knowing work that has been so creatively fulfilling is recognised by an organisation such as The Drum. See the full case study here.

4 Designers

It was an honour to be asked to give one of the four lectures at the ICOGRADA 4 Designers day long seminar last Monday at Logan Hall. Having had such design luminaries as Milton Glaser, Derek Birdsall, Stefan Sagmeister and Bob Gill how could I refuse? The aim of the event is ‘to help students understand the reality of life as a designer through the experiences and work of great designers’….so no pressure there then.

The talk went well, bar a few technical glitches but what made it special for me was the Question and Answer session afterwards. Not your normal apathetic one or two obvious questions but rather, a flow of considered and testing enquiries which made me realise how well versed students are nowadays in the profession of design, or so it seemed to me. Either that or having paid to gain admission they all tried just that little bit harder to gain some extra learnings from their day. It was a pleasure to have been involved. And the impromptu visit of 16 Cardiff students to our studio the following day, who’d attended the event, made me realise just how keen the best students can be to gain that extra insight into a profession like no other. Read More

Carter Wong Presents ‘The Black Sheep Awards’

In the true manner of black sheep we like to go against the flock and find our own path. With the launch of our Black Sheep Awards, we’re looking for students who not only relish a challenge, but are also up for being innovative with their solutions. The award isn’t limited to one discipline either, but is open to exploration and experiment. Read More

Dictators’ Dinners

A strange topic we know, but it does make interesting and intriguing reading.

Carter Wong recently collaborated with Gilgamesh Publishing on the design and layout of a book focusing on 20th Century Dictators and their favourite foods.

The inspiration for the publication design came from early 30 and 40’s propaganda posters, which we followed through into bespoke chapter headings for each continent and featuring icons relating to the personality traits of each dictator. Read More

Carter Wong 30th Party at 29 Brook Mews North

To celebrate our 30th year in the creative industry last week, the studio was transformed to host a party for clients, friends, and colleagues to say thank you to all who have contributed to the company’s success over the years. The two Phil’s entertained guests with a speech looking back on thirty years in business, and more importantly, thirty years of friendships. Read More

The Craft Issue

We’re over the moon here in the studio having just had next month’s copy of Creative Review magazine land with a reassuringly solid thump on our doormat. Packed full of interesting articles about craftsmanship, we’re honoured to have been featured in a six page piece entitled ‘Great ideas, crafted.’ We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Check out the Novembers issue here! Read More

Café Art 2015 My London Calendar

As a design agency that believes in the power of the arts to deliver real and lasting social change, Carter Wong has been a dedicated partner and advocate for Café Art over the years. By equipping each participant with a camera, Café Art enables people affected by homelessness to capture their unique perspectives on London. The 2015 My London calendar displays photographs as rich as the stories behind them, with proceeds going back to support the project.

To order your copy, please click here. Read More

Pause for Thought- Long Live Print

We were honored to have master printer, Francis Atterbury, host a talk on the craft of printmaking, chronicling his many years’ experience producing some of the most artisanal books in the world.

Viewers were delighted to be shown some of the many books Francis has produced over the years- each with a different story to tell.

All attendees departed feeling they had been let into a little part of printing history! Read More


Set up as a joint venture between our studio and master printers, Boss Print, the idea is to design and create an ongoing series of crafted, beautiful notebooks. Each will have a graphic ephemeral theme, this first example being ‘Found Fonts’ with others planned on other visually eclectic subjects from Roman razor blade wrappers to Heidelberg tram tickets.

To purchase a copy click here. Read More

Aduna Moringa

After creating the original packaging for African health brand Aduna, we were delighted when asked to design the next product in their range, the Moringa superfood. Famed ‘The Miracle Tree’, Moringa is a 100% organic natural superfood high in antioxidants and one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Taking inspiration from the Moringa leaf itself, the packaging design is a vibrant patterned feast for the eyes. Read More

TicketyBrew Shortlisted for a FAB Award

When brewing entrepreneur Duncan Barton asked us to conceptualize a new brand name and packaging design for his start-up beer business, we delivered a versatile identity combining witty word play and original design. Needless to say, we were chuffed to find out this work had been shortlisted for a 2014 FAB Award. With the awards being specifically for the food and beverage sector, recognition of this kind is flattery of the highest order. Read More

Pause for Thought Presents Photographer Johnny Millar.

We were thrilled to have esteemed photographer Johnny Millar host a talk on the craft of photography.

In the age that we live in, where anyone can feel like a photographer due to the emergence of camera phones and other technologies, Johnny expounded the craftsmanship involved in real photography.

He told of the technical precision required to measure exposure, shutter speed, aperture and the like, as well as the people skills needed to make subjects feel at ease.

With subjects as varied as the terrains he photographs, we’re sure Mr Millar’s photography is one craft that will last the test of time. Read More


We were tasked to create a new identity and logo for this pioneering London-centric festival, specifically designed for the creative industry. A winding graphic line represents the sinuous journey of a simple creative thought, which is rarely a straight line! Combined with a dynamic colour range to ensure the brand is full of life and as visually arresting as the square mile it represents. The SohoCreate identity captures the vibrancy and energy of the creative offering within the Soho vicinity. Read More

Castan – D&AD Award

Our partnership with Welsh outdoor wear brand, howies, has been immensely satisfying over the years. As advocates for using raw materials, howies presented the perfect opportunity for us to craft a custom-made typeface inspired by the native Welsh landscape. Using the wood from a local wind-fallen chestnut tree christened Castan (Welsh for chestnut), each letter has a distinctive wood grain effect. We are delighted D&AD appreciated our craftsmanship on this job as much as we enjoyed making it. Read More

D&AD Win for ‘A Cycling Lexicon’

As a company that is passionate about cycling, it seemed inevitable that our fervor for the sport be channeled into a design project at some point. We had immeasurable pleasure in unearthing 500 cycling head badges- each with their own design and history- and embossing these onto the pages of ‘A Cycyling Lexicon’. Since the books launch in 2013, we have received fantastic feedback from the design industry, and a D&AD win is the icing on top! Read More

Pause for Thought Presents Ade from howies.

The first in our series of talks on the craft of making was an inspirational affair with Ade from howies divulging how the company’s values have remained the same, from its conception in a shed in North Wales, to where it stands today.

Attendees learnt about howies’ belief in the integrity of making garments that are ethical, organic and high performing through sourcing the best suppliers and partners. And with chainsaw in tow, Ade told of our collaboration to create their house font, Castan.

A great story behind a pioneering company ensured it was a rousing night for all involved. Read More

J O Hambro Capital Management

Our expertise in the financial sector leant itself to create a strategic and creative new website identity for financial firm, J O Hambro Capital Management Group. We ensured the new identity was robust, contemporary, eye-catching and representative of the JOHCM brand for its target demographic of private and institutional investors, and retail advisors. The result is a comprehensive website that meets the needs of JOHCM and its affiliates, using strong illustrative graphics to communicate some of the more complex subject material. Read More

Ocean Trawlers Packaging

As a company that relishes working across many diverse graphic design disciplines, it’s always a treat to be approached by a totally new business sector.
Ocean Trawlers came to us requesting a brand refresh and new website, and we ended up creating their new packaging and exhibition stand.
The packaging uses graphic prints and fish species overlaid onto one another to showcase the range of fish that Ocean Trawlers provides on a B2B basis. Read More

Boneshaker Magazine Features ‘A Cycling Lexicon’

Sharing our love of all things graphic design, beautifully bound books and cycling: Boneshaker magazine was the perfect pairing for our Cycling Lexicon book. Conceptualised by the people behind Bristol-based design agency, Taxi studio, the magazine showcased the collection of cycling badges collected and curated in ‘A Cycling Lexicon’. Read More

Castan Font: A Creative Review Perspective

We were delighted to have Castan featured in the January edition of Creative Review. Chronicling our journey to craft a unique font for Welsh sportswear brand, howies, Creative Review cites Castan as ‘quite possibly the only typeface on the web to have been made from a fallen chestnut tree.’ Totaling 162 hours to carve, print and perfect- Castan is a labour of love we’re very proud of! Read More

Inside the Studio

The Dieline is a blog dedicated to the packaging design industry, so we were over the moon when they asked if they could take a peek behind the scenes at Brook Mews North. Diane Lindquist, the blog’s managing editor interviewed Phil C about the studio culture, past projects and our idea led design approach.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, take ten, make a cuppa and click here. Read More

Lloyd’s of London wins Marketing Design Award

Our brand refresh for Lloyd’s of London has just been awarded a Marketing Design Award within the corporate and B2B category.

The black silhouette graphic illustrative style was applied to the core publications, then adopted across every visual touchpoint including interiors within the iconic building in Lime Street and marketing literature such as the ‘Market’ magazine and ultimately, the website. Read More

Bio Green Lassi scoops Design Effectiveness silver

We are delighted to announce that our design for Bio Green Lassi has won a silver at the Design Effectiveness Awards. The Design Business Association award recognised that within 6 months of the packaging relaunch and as a direct result of the redesign, sales had grown by 335% and exceeded sales targets by over 137%.

A lovely result for a great product and a super client. Read More


The Creation 
of Castan. The perfect project for our studio combining traditional craft with modern technology. Seeking to add soul into our good colleagues howies’ website as part of a review, we were given the green light to create a bespoke headline font.

However, no ordinary typeface but one designed then carved from a windfallen Welsh chestnut tree before being digitised for use.

Take a closer look at the careful crafting here. Read More

Monograph – The Bike Badge Edition

We are delighted to have contribute to the latest Creative Review‘s Monograph. Each edition portrays personal project or collection of inspirational images or objects.

October’s edition features a selection of the finest headbadges taken from our book A Cycling Lexicon. Arranged into various themes from knights, bikes and their riders to suns and lion symbols, each badge has its own story to tell.

A Cycling Lexicon is available to buy here. Read More

Bike Art Exhibition

Last night we turned transformed our studio for the launch of A Cycling Lexicon, our new book showcasing bicycle headbadges. Great to see so many friends old and new, surrounded by our not insignificant collection of cycling ephemera. If you are as obsessed with bike badges as we are you can buy the book here. Read More

A Cycling Lexicon

The Creation 
of Always looking for opportunities to design and produce self initiated projects our latest offering is a little book featuring an amazing collection of bicycle headbadges entitled “A Cycling Lexicon”. Over 400 examples from the collection of Jeff Conner, Professor of Biology at Michigan University, represent manufacturers past and present and A to Z. See for yourself, buy online here Read More

Cornetto Redesign Commended in Mobius Awards.

Our redesign for Cornetto has recently been commended in the Mobius awards. With the awards recognizing exceptional design in the world of media and design, we feel honored to have been commended in a competition that is so internationally renowned. Read More

Lloyd’s Coffee House

As one of our long-standing clients, we were excited to be given the opportunity to design the interiors for Lloyd’s Coffee House at One Lime Street. Our brief was to create a fresh and inviting environment where employees could relax and enjoy their lunchtime, whilst also acting as a space for client meetings.

Using the illustration style developed for Lloyd’s Cover to Cover brochure, we created an engaging and colourful space showcasing a selection of little known food facts from Lloyd’s insurance archive. Read More

Design Week Awards 2013

In other exciting news Ticketybrew has also been shortlisted for the 2013 Design Week Awards. Watch this space for results… Read More

CWD has a new Managing Director

It is with great pleasure that 
we announce the appointment 
of Sarah Turner as our
 Managing Director.

Sarah takes over the role that
 I have fulfilled ever since Phil Carter and I started Carter Wong Design in 1984 and I am confident she will bring new thinking and energy to the post.

Sarah has been with the company for 13 years and has over this time progressed, to now be our MD. Although she 
is steeped in the personality and culture of Carter Wong, she has always had her own distinct ideas about how best to serve our clients, nurture our talent and develop our business.

Phil Carter and I look forward to working with her in this exciting new era for the company.

Phil Wong
 Founding Partner, CWD Read More

Dieline Package Design Awards 2013

We are delighted to announce that we have received a Merit at this year’s Dieline Package Design Awards 2013 for our design of Ticketybrew! Read More

After Hours

The Carter Wong team descended en masse to the private view of After Hours at the Jerwood Visual Arts gallery last night. Our very own Phil C’s work was selected to be showcased as part of this fascinating and eclectic exhibition. Huge thanks Nick Eagleton, UK Creative Director at The Partners who not only came up with the idea but organised the whole thing.
Go see it before it comes down on the 23rd of June. Read More

Lloyd’s of London Creative Workshop

A thoroughly enjoyable and fruitful afternoon creative workshop with our good friends at Lloyd’s of London, discussing the role and indeed benefits of creativity in commissioning design.

Following a set brief (so 
brief in fact, it had to be cracked in 30 minutes) the highlight of the session was getting our old RCA friend, artist Aldous Eveleigh mentoring the team as they drew the view from the 11th floor meeting room of their magnificent building. Read More

The National Gallery Exhibition

Briefed by The National Gallery to create the visual identity and graphics for a ground-breaking exhibition ‘Seduced by Art’, 
we worked closely with the exhibition designers, Drinkall Dean.

With such a rich diversity of visual material on show we
 felt it was imperative that our graphic input was quietly understated. Consequently subtle graphic touches such
 as the use of photographic 
crop marks on text panels
 added interest without
 detracting from the exhibits. Read More

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