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English Heritage Handbook

Our brief was to design the cover for the English Heritage Members’ Handbook for 2017/18. The solution needed to be iconic, inspire and appeal to English Heritage’s Member community as well as a wider audience.

Having chosen Deal Castle in Kent as the property English Heritage would like to represent, we went onto create a design that would speak for the whole area’s history.

We developed a concept using the unusual architectural shape of the castle to become the top of a key. With a map of the surrounding area that illustrated the interesting historical facts and tales.

We took inspiration from designs own heritage and commissioned renowned printmaker Hugh Ribbans to craft and painstakingly cut the piece, constructing a beautiful linocut print.

The printed design is finished with a high gloss varnish on the key, creating it to pop off the page. This reinforces the discovery of England’s history and the handbook being the key to unlocking many of them.

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