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howies wardrobes

We see the world differently and are constantly looking at ways to add value to clients’ business by drawing from what’s found around us.

Our work for ethical active clothing company howies explored the world of sustainability from the street up: discarded wardrobes used as ramps by bikers and skateboarders were given to thirteen artists to use as a blank canvas to illustrate an individual howies’ philosophy. While paper bags originally used for tulips were re-appropriated for t-shirt packaging.

Publicity from the initiative, and innovative ideas around promotion, helped positioned howies as a company that makes a big impact in a low impact way.

  • 15

    years of partnership

  • 14


  • 100s

    of column inches of free PR

  • 14

    artists, illustrators, architects


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It is not often that you work with people who have a ‘feeling’ for your company. A feeling for why your company exists, it’s struggle, it’s purpose, it’s hopes for the future. It is both hard to articulate and harder to understand.



Working with Carter Wong was, and is, always a pleasure because they get it. When I see the website they created for us, the wardrobes that they created for us, I see howies baring its soul.
It couldn’t be for anyone else. That is only when you have an intuitive feeling for something.


David Hieatt – Founder, howies

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howies invite

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