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When brewing entrepreneur and actor Duncan Barton came to us to create a brand and packaging for his start up business, we knew we could find a name that could lend itself to the ideal design solution.

With a bit of word play and some visual creativity we changed the very British phrase Tickety-Boo – meaning everything’s alright – into TicketyBrew; and from then on the design solution solved itself.

A visual play on tickets was used for the label, with subtle detailing revealing a hidden glass shape within the ticket perforation, while suitably quirky copy completes the Belgian Dubble and Pale Ale duo.

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    memorable name

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    wrap around label

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Carter Wong are a wonderful and talented group of people. You just have to look at their portfolio to know that what they produce is fantastic and distinctive. But what makes them the best in the business is that they are genuinely such a lovely bunch of people. They know how to push you creatively, and are able to completely understand what you are trying to achieve, and turn your muddled thoughts into a reality.


Keri Barton – Partner, TicketyBrew



tickety_brew-05 copy
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