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Think Nike or Coca-Cola; these are universal brands with marks that rarely, if ever, change.

At a time when ice cream was beginning to be positioned more as a year round snack, (less ‘sun, sea and sand’), 
Unilever wanted an emotive logo to express what they coined ‘Natural Togetherness’ – and to unite its various ice cream companies worldwide under a single mark; one that would stand the test of time.

Comprehensive guidelines were produced: motivating staff across 52 territories, and providing help to implement the brand across an array of applications.

Twenty years, a DBA Design Effectiveness Award, and millions of ice creams later, it’s an identity that’s still going strong worldwide. A recognised symbol of pleasure globally.





Working with Carter Wong design has been very fortunate for Unilever and myself. To create such a powerful, worldwide marque with hundreds of adaptations was a great experience. I believe that hard work and good fun is one of the pillars of their company ethics


Joachim Knappe, International Brand Manager – Unilever Ice-cream House brand


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