It’s child’s play

Cooper Beech Play craft beautiful, natural outdoor play equipment. Hand-built using sustainably sourced timber, the business was founded on the belief that natural play feeds imaginations, nurtures young minds, and connects kids with the natural world.

Built around our proposition of ‘wonder and imagination’, our new identity features a strong, graphic logo with a playful twist inspired by Copper Beech Play’s own ‘stepping logs’. And we worked with children to create rubbings and cut-outs as a fun way to evoke nature and the natural environment.

Our colour palette also took its inspirations from colours seen in nature, using autumnal oranges, bright summer pinks, leafy greens and soft pastel pinks.

An update to the photography style, helped to reinvigorate the website whilst helping to add a more premium feel to the hand crafted products and bespoke builds provide by Copper Beech.



Next Project – Nuts about Num Nums


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