We are an innovative and inventive design team, independent in business and spirit.

An established consultancy that has created some of the most recognisable brand identities, packaging, literature
and websites around.

Founded over 25 years ago by the two Phils, Carter and Wong, our studio door is always open to new clients and innovative ideas. Our work is seen every day, however, our approach is anything but.


Having designed the Heartbrand for
Unilever’s global ice cream business
some 17 years ago, it was a thrill
to create the new identity for their
flagship brand, Cornetto.

We know how good design can shape business and brand success; how strategic thinking and a singular vision can deliver opportunities beyond the obvious. For us it's about finding the unexpected in the expected - discovering the extra that marks the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

This is the type of project we like best; a complete repositioning and redesign for a very receptive client.
Bringing the brand’s unique asset,
‘Edna the cow', to life and giving
it a flexible platform from which
numerous product ranges can
be launched.



We find inspiration comes
from many sources. Found
in a Stockholm gutter, this
sign still brings back memories
of a productive business trip.


It’s one of our favourite words.
We like to look a little further than
the obvious. Bypassing the usual
poster in the fish & chip shop
window we opted for something
far more useable – a fish shaped
fork that the customer could quite
literally ‘take away’.

This vase by Aldous Eveleigh
is one of many interesting objects
to be found in our studio. We
believe that working in a visually
stimulating environment contributes
to a creative atmosphere.



What's the big idea? For us
it's challenging category norms,
creating a distinct personality
and packaging that brings
a brand to life.


How did we help announce the
25 year anniversary of the world
famous Lloyd’s building, and
alert employees to the website?
Simple, by using the building’s
iconic exterior glass lifts we
ensured that branded vinyl
sticker balloons (complete
with message tag) took flight
on each skyward journey.


Keeping our eye on the interesting
and often absurd in daily life can
sometimes offer unusual opportunities.


With our good friends at howies, we’ve just republished our little book of bike lanes and all their strange manifestations.


Available for £10 via howies,
it won’t nudge Harry Potter off
his top spot, but it will give you
a glimpse of some everyday
street magic.